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Speaking More than One Language Could Delay Dementia

brainNew research suggests that speaking more than onelanguage may delaydifferent kinds of dementia. That is, the loss of mental ability. In fact, researchers sayspeaking two languages appears to be more importantthan the level of education in defending againstdementias.

A study in India examined the effect of knowing more than one language indelaying the first signs of several disorders. These included Alzheimer’sdisease, frontotemporal dementia, vascular dementia, Lewy bodies dementiaand mixed dementias.

Researchers studied nearly 650 people whose average age was 66. Twohundred forty of those studied suffered from Alzheimer’s -- the most commonform of mental decline.

Three-hundred-ninety-one of the subjects spoke two or more languages.Investigators found the dementias began about four-and-a-half years later inthose who were bilingual compared to those who spoke only one language. The level of education had no effect on the age at the first sign of dementia.
 Thomas Bak helped to organize the study. He is with the Center of CognitiveAging at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He suggests that individualswho speak more than one language train their brains by moving back and forthbetween different words and expressions.
Mr. Bok believes this effort improves what scientists call executive functioningor attention to tasks. This mental ability often weakens in people withdementias.
Researchers found there was no extra gain in speaking more than twolanguages. They also did not see a delay in the first signs of Lewy bodiesdementia. The disorder causes patients to see or experience things that donot really exist. It can also cause sufferers to move back and forth betweenbeing wide awake and really sleepy.
Mr. Bak says it does not appear important whether you learn a language at ayoung age or later in life.
“So it’s not something you sort of say that '((if)) you missed the boat when youdo not do it as a baby.'  It is something that is still quite useful and powerfulwhen you do it as an adult.”
Scientists found that speaking more than one language helped delay the firstsigns of dementias even in those who could not read. An article on thebenefits of bilingualism on dementias is published in the journal Neurology.



Cientistas criam teste que prevê 'sucesso' de casamento

weddingScientists have invented a new "love test" that they believe could predict the success of a relationship. The research, published in the journal Science, suggests that a reaction to an image of a partner could give a useful indication of the future state of a marriage.

The researchers interviewed more than 100 newly-weds, all of whom said they were very happy with their partner - as one might imagine.

However, a test of their unconscious feelings towards each other showed that some of them had negative emotions which they haven’t admitted to - even to themselves.

The test involved showing one of the couple a photograph of their partner for a third of a second. They then had to answer as quickly as possible whether certain words such as great, awesome, horrible and scary were positive or negative words.

If they had unconscious negative feelings towards their partner, they were quick to identify the negative words, and vice versa.

Researchers found that those with unconscious negative feelings had them gradually surface and they admitted to being unhappy in follow-up interviews three or four years later.

Clique aqui para ouvir a reportagem.



newly-weds: couples who recently got married
unconscious: (here) unknown or ignored; unacknowledged
admitted: to acknowledged; accepted as true
awesome: outstanding, remarkable, amazing
scary: fear-provoking
identify: recognise
vice versa: the other way around too
surface: appear, reveal themselves

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Challenges remain after Sandy

breezy-pointIt's a week since superstorm Sandy hit the US East Coast and the day before the general election around a million people are still without power. Temperatures have been dropping and tens of thousands of people need to find new homes.

The clean-up is still going on across New York and New Jersey a week after superstorm Sandy smashed into the East Coast. Hundreds of thousands of people are still without power, tens of thousands will have to find accommodation as their houses are ruined and temperatures are dropping fast.

There's an urgency to the clean-up operation as another storm is forecast to hit the region later in the week. Officials say they hope there'll be the minimum amount of disruption on election day. Polling stations are being moved, generators brought in for the electronic voting machines, but turnout is expected to be lower in places where there's still no power, or people have been driven from their homes.

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clean-up - the process of cleaning or tidying something (limpeza, o processo de limpar ou arrumar algo)

smashed - made something loudly break into many pieces (quebrar algo em várias partes, com um grande ruído)

dropping - falling (caindo)

urgency - sense of urgent necessity (urgência, um senso de necessidade imediata)

disruption - confusion or disorder (confusão ou desordem)

polling station - places where you go to vote (seção eleitoral, locais onde as pessoas vão para votar)

generators - machines which produce electricity (geradores, máquinas que produzem eletricidade)

turn out - the number of people who vote in an election or attend an event (comparecimento, o número de pessoas que votam numa eleição ou que vão a um evento qualquer)


Fonte: BBC

How do Parents and Children actually use their Smart Phones

According to a new survey conducted recently, Canadian parents and children revealed that about 24% of parents owned Android while 31% of children owned Android as their smartphone. 32% of parents and 38% of children owned Apple iPhone while 30% and 25% of parents and children owned BlackBerry.

And to give more better facts and figures about the findings, Online Psychology Degree came up with an interesting infographic.

(clique na imagem para ampliar)

139470919681593765 HGMG876s c


Instagram on the Menu


A new restaurant in New York City has implemented what it’s calling an Instagram menu, directing patrons to pictures of food posted on the popular photo-sharing site to help them decide what to order.

When three-week old Latin-American restaurant Comodo — located in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood — noticed guests were repeatedly snapping pictures of their entrees and uploading them to Instagram, it decided to capitalize on the trend. The restaurant has embraced the hashtag #ComodoMenu and added it to the bottom of its real-life menu, encouraging guests to add, share and check out photos of food offered at the establishment.

“People love taking pictures of food when they go out, and we wanted to use what was organically happening on social media sites and turn it into a helpful and fun tool at the restaurant,” Comodo owner Felipe Donnelly told Mashable. “We’ve been encouraging guests to post pictures on Instagram to spread the word, and the feedback has been great. Everyone keeps telling us how smart and creative it is.”

Donnelly said it aims to help people decide what to order by searching the hashtag and seeing what others post.

Waiters also point out the new initiative to patrons and ask them add their own pictures to the collection, along with reviews and feedback.

What do you think of the concept? Should more restaurants implement the same strategy?



FONTE: Mashable


Qual o emprego ideal para você?

Não existe uma resposta simples e direta para definir qual o melhor emprego para você, mas um dos melhores caminhos é descobrir qual que mais se encaixa no seu perfil. Candidatar-se a uma vaga que busca exatamente as suas qualidades é o segredo para conseguir ficar com ela sem trauma e frustrações. Assim você não perde tempo e ânimo ao pleitear uma vaga para a qual não tem chances.Encontrar um emprego ideal é uma via de duas mãos. Você precisa conhecer o seu potencial (e também seus limites) e saber se a vaga atende suas necessidades e projetos – quem deseja novos desafios precisa lutar (e se capacitar) para atingi-los.

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Reportagem sobre topless de Kate Middleton

logo fisk ingles parablog

French tabloid Closer magazine published a series of photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless on Friday, sending shockwaves around the world and provoking a stern statement from the palace as the royal family still reels from the Prince Harry naked photo scandal.

Closer's grainy photos (obviously taken with a long lens) depict Kate Middleton sunbathing topless with Prince William on a balcony at a 19th century hunting lodge in southern France, in early September. "OH MY GOD!", the cover breathlessly proclaims of the "world exclusive," on top of a montage of uncensored pictures. Inside, there's a five-page spread of the couple relaxing, obviously oblivious to the lurking paparazzi. In one photo, Middleton is seen removing her bikini top; in another, she's seen rubbing suntan lotion on Will's back. In another, William rubs suntan lotion on her almost-bare bottom. Closer also said Kate was spotted smoking a cigarette as the couple walked out of nearby Marseille airport where they arrived on a commercial flight.

In a swift move, St. James Palace fired off a statement condemning the photos:

"Their Royal Highnesses have been hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photographer have invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner. The incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, and all the more upsetting to the duke and duchess for being so. Their Royal Highnesses had every expectation of privacy in the remote house. It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them."

Officials aside, the topless paparazzi photos have already provoked outrage from British media, and UK papers will likely refuse to print the pics in the same way that many outlets -- save for the Sun, which eventually relented -- declined to post the Prince Harry nude photos.

2012 has been a brutal year for royal family privacy, but this isn't the first time the royal family was the target of peeping Tom photographers: Pippa Middleton topless photos emerged last year when photographers spied the royal sis sunbathing on a boat in Ibiza, and bikini photos of Kate Middleton (pre-wedding) abound online. And way back in 1992, topless photos of Sarah Ferguson, then the Duchess of York, having her toes sucked by an American businessman shocked the world. In other sensational stories, earlier this month a distant cousin of Catherine's, Katrina Darling, posed topless for Playboy, and in a TMZ photo we're pretty sure no one wants to see, Prince Phillip flashed the world in a kilt recently.

The photo bombshell comes as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are touring Asia in a nine-day trip in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Catherine has already been making headlines with rumors that she's pregnant -- we're sure a photo scandal is the last thing the couple needs.

UPDATE: As TMZ reports, the royal family has decided to sue Closer over the photos. According to a statement released today by St. James's Palace, "legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France" by the royal couple. Closer's editor, however, stands by the decision to publish the pics, saying, "These are pictures that are full of joy."


EUA lembram os 11 anos dos atentados do 11 de Setembro

Torres Gêmeas

Milhares de pessoas vão se reunir nesta terça-feira em Nova York, e Washington e numa zona rural da Pensilvânia para marcar o 11o aniversário dos atentados de 11 de setembro de 2001, mas no principal desses locais, o Marco Zero, no centro de Manhattan, estará ausente um importante elemento das cerimônias de anos anteriores: os discursos dos políticos.

Na manhã de 11 de setembro de 2001, militantes islâmicos da Al Qaeda sequestraram quatro aviões que tinham acabado de decolar e atiraram dois deles contra as torres gêmeas do World Trade Center, em Nova York.

Um terceiro avião foi lançado contra o Pentágono, nos arredores de Washington, e o quarto caiu na Pensilvânia após uma luta entre os passageiros e os sequestradores, o que evitou que a aeronave fosse também jogado contra algum alvo -- provavelmente o Congresso.

Em anos anteriores, presidentes, governadores e prefeitos de Nova York, entre outros políticos, participaram da leitura dos nomes das vítimas ou de leituras de passagens bíblicas e literárias no local onde ficava o WTC, e que foi rebatizado de Marco Zero.

Neste ano, apenas as famílias dos mais de 2.750 mortos nos atentados vão subir ao palanque para ler seus nomes. Os políticos poderão estar presente, mas precisarão seguir regras estabelecidas em julho pelo Memorial e Museu Nacional do 11 de Setembro, presidido pelo prefeito de Nova York, Michael Bloomberg. Nas cerimônias em outros lugares, no entanto, discursos políticos estarão liberados.

No Pentágono, nos arredores de Washington, onde mais de 180 pessoas foram mortas, o secretário de Defesa, Leon Panetta, irá discursar numa cerimônia aberta apenas a parentes de vítimas.

O vice-presidente dos Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, irá falar em Shanksville, onde caiu o voo United 93.

"A forma como lidamos com o legado dessas 40 pessoas e com o que elas fizeram, o que elas evitaram que acontecesse, é realmente mais uma declaração sobre nós mesmos, sobre o que valorizamos como sociedade", disse Patrick White, primo de uma das vítimas e atual presidente da entidade Famílias do Voo 93.  

Como em vários anos anteriores --e no próprio 11 de setembro de 2001--, as cerimônias de terça-feira devem ocorrer sob céu claro e com o frio que prenuncia o outono.

Em Nova York, haverá minutos de silêncio nas horas exatas dos impactos dos aviões -- 8h46, 9h03, 9h37 e 10h03 (hora local, uma a menos que Brasília). Momentos de silêncio adicionais serão observados às 9h59 e 10h28, momento em que as torres desmoronaram.

O presidente norte-americano, Barack Obama, e sua mulher, Michelle, vão participar de um minuto de silêncio no gramado da Casa Branca e da cerimônia no Pentágono, segundo sua assessoria.


los 10 mandamientos de Steve Jobs para emprendedores

Steve Jobs ya no esta entre nosotros, pero su historia es realmente fascinante ya que a pesar de no haber acabado la universidad fue uno de los hombre que cambio el mundo moderno con sus ideas innovadoras. Por eso hoy en chatsala os presentamos una infografía en español con los 10 mandamientos de Steve Jobs para emprendedores.





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