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Five tips to improve your English

Everyone can speak English clearly
The first thing you should know is that everyone can speak English with a clear pronunciation; everybody has a mouth, a tongue and lips. Everyone can speak every language because there is no difference between human; we are all born with the same mechanism.
English environment
If you really want to improve your English pronunciation, you should be surrounded by English everyday, which means the best thing is to be in a place where we talk only in English, like the USA or Britain or Australia.
If you can't have this situation, you can do it by listening to English every day, you can listen to English radio or TV and you can also have some CDs in English.

Listen and don't speak
This is one of the biggest differences between children and adults, you should find the solution to this problem to not only improve your English pronunciation but also your global English learning which means English grammar, English speaking...
When someone talks to you or to someone else in English you should not speak at the same time, you should listen, focus on his speaking, his English intonation, which words he stress, which words he doesn't stress...
Never speak when listening to English, always focus on listening first, speaking will come later!
Learn English subconsciously
You must know that you will learn English if you try, you will speak English like a native speaker if you don't stop, but the problem is always the time.
Never try to learn English in a short time, listen always to English and be sure that you will speak it one day, you don't know exactly when but you will learn it.
Always listen to English and don't try anything else, you will learn English subconsciously, believe me!
Focus on listening
If you want to learn English or to improve you English pronunciation without listening to English pronunciation, stop right now! You can improve your pronunciation without knowing what pronunciation is really, and you can't know what English pronunciation is if you don't listen to English.






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